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Introducing Mi35Boost's Award Winning, Top Producing Mortgage Panel Line Up!!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The countdown is on Mi35Boost is almost here!! In case you haven't bought your ticket and you need one more reason to attend this exclusive and intimate evening dedicated to mortgage professionals - let us tell you about the INCREDIBLE Mortgage Panel line up featuring a group of award-winning, top-producing mortgage rockstars.

Introducing our ROCKSTAR line up of panel speakers:

James is a Mortgage Broker with over 13 years of experience and award winning results. He is one of the top Mortgage Brokers in the country and has been listed as a CMP Top 75 Mortgage Broker every year in the business. James has personally funded over 1 billion dollars in mortgages and helped thousands of clients realize the dream of home ownership. James was just nominated for the prestigious award of "Mortgage broker of the year" for all of Canada, among over 25,000 mortgage brokers across Canada. James and his company ( were also nominated for the second time for the ultra prestigious "Outstanding customer service award for an individual office" - Another award they are most proud off as James and the team's number one priority is customer service and delivering the "5 star hotel experience". "I will offer you a solution that is created based on your individual financial goals. I will provide you with the best rates, terms, and products available on the market at all times. With VIP status with all of the major lenders you are always guaranteed to get the best options to meet your needs."

Amber has been a Mortgage Agent since 2016, previous to that she was in banking since 2003. She has achieved top tier-award levels in the mortgage industry year over year.

Some would think those are her most prized accomplishments, however, her passion is what drives her, not the accolades.

Sharing information with others, building a plan for clients, and complex files that have been previously turned down, are particularly thrilling to her. A true “mortgage geek” at heart.

As a busy mother of three, an avid entertainer of family of friends, and a motorcycle enthusiast, this is where she can be found “off hours”.

With over 30 years in the mortgage business, Josephs extensive experience extends to banks, trust companies and mortgage companies. Joseph has enhanced his experience with his dedication to continuing education and his constant drive to take his skills to the next level. Joseph’s experience with different kinds of lending institutions allowed him to determine their shortcomings and then build his own practice based on overcoming them. The trigger to open his own practice was simple: while working at institutions, he was unable to help everyone who walked through his door. Now he can offer solutions to each customer who requests his services, providing clients with all their mortgage needs in one place.

You do not want to miss this incredible evening and more importantly you do not want to miss the insight and knowledge shared by these heavy hitters. With limited tickets available - save your seat today!!

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